Both the Global Engagement Fellowship and my degree require me to take Understanding the Global Community and I am incredibly glad that they do, as this was one of my favorite classes this semester. The professor is brilliant, the TAs are lovely, and I’ve met some of my best friends through this class. Throughout the semester, we have explored a plethora of topics, from globalisation and social policy to historical geology and climate change. It has served as an amazing introduction to IAS classes at OU.

Not only has the class been an amazing introduction to IAS topics, but it has also been a wonderful introduction to the IAS faculty. Throughout the course, Dr. Theriault has hosted a series of guest lecturers who have taught things including EU Politics, Chinese History, Global Security, and Violence in the Developing World among many others. This is fantastic for students that will be taking IAS classes throughout their time at OU, as it gives us something besides to go by when choosing what to take.

My favorite thing about the class, though, has been the people I’ve become close to. Nearly the entire front row (and part of the second row) of Dr. Theriault’s class is made up of Global Engagement Fellows, and many of us eat lunch together almost everyday. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know such wonderful people, and that’s thanks to the Global Engagement Fellowship. It’s truly been a great semester, and I look forward to the next seven.