This semester, I took the Senior Capstone Seminar on International Terrorism with Dean Cruise for my REES major. I had the opportunity to write a capstone paper for this on the history of terrorism in Russia, which is where I will be living for the next year. This was an incredibly interesting topic to learn about, as I had no knowledge of it before the class. It was particularly interesting to look at the use of state violence in the Soviet Union as a means of countering terrorism and to look at how different Russia’s history of terrorism is from the global norm. It was great to be able to finish my capstone for my REES major as a sophomore, as it will let me focus on my Russian major’s capstone when I return from studying abroad for senior year. Another reason I sincerely enjoyed this class is because it made me a better public speaker. There were numerous occasions on which I had to present to the class, something I have never been great at, and I truly believe I improved significantly.