(As I am using OU Cousins and the Student Advisory Committee as my International Student Groups, I’m using this an international event. This is an Honors Reading Group, so it met once per week for an hour.)

This semester, I moderated the Honors Reading Group “The Israel Lobby.”  The Honors Reading Groups program describes itself as “Each semester, the Honors College sponsors a program of informal reading groups.  The groups meet just one hour per week, with 10-15 students and one faculty member [or student] from the Honors College, to discuss about 50 pages of reading from specific books. The books cover a very wide range of topics, and most have been recommended by Honors students.”

While the book mostly discussed American interactions with Israel, our group ended up extensively discussing Israeli politics as well. Our discussions ranged from Israeli settlements in Palestine to the effects of the Israel-Palestine conflict on Jordanian politics. I learned most about US economic relations with Israel and the reasons behind them. Multiple opinions were represented, and the reading group proved to be an immensely educational experience.